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Blog Writing Tips for Beginners

by admin | in SEO

Blog writing is important for generating leads. It is one of the most trusted methods to attract users. Today, most business owners recognise its importance; unfortunately, they do not take it seriously.


Blogging can be implemented to foster a healthy business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) relationships.

Worldwide article writers and blog marketers not only write regularly to improve their blog’s reach, but also promote it systematically on top platforms.


  • Blogging is considered an integral part of an online marketing.
  • Blogging helps to retain existing users and attract new ones.


  • Blogs can make you promote a service or a product effectively.
  • Websites with Blogs have 434% more indexed pages and 97 % more inbound links.

Here are a few techniques to write a blog creatively:


To gain optimum advantage, you need to include your keywords wherever possible. Of course, relevance is the key. So, you should infuse it naturally across the blog.


  • Consider keyword density and proximity while using keywords.
  • Use long-tail keywords to attract traffic.
  • Study your most successful competitors to know their strategy.


Never write posts of same kind and same length because it can make your blog monotonous and frustrate users. Include interesting elements for better readability and usability.


  • Minimum length of a post should be 400-500 words.
  • Maximum length of a post should be 1000-5000 words.
  • Use standard formatting.
  • Develop and maintain an editorial calendar.
  • Use quotes, headings, and subheadings for better readability.

Visual appeal

Try to integrate high quality images into your posts because they help users to understand more.


  • Try to include at least 1 image or video to your post.
  • Use bold, italic, and coloured text for better visibility.

Categories and Tags

Use categories and tags so that users and search engines can find your blog.


  • Use both short and long-term keywords for categories and tags wherever possible.
  • Increase your blog’s linkability.

Internal linking

Use internal linking to strengthen your blog. This is helpful for users as well as search engines.


Use call-to-actions across the blog post.


Share your blog posts on social media sites to improve visibility and readability.


  • Integrate social buttons into your blog.
  • Use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to share your blog.

User-generated content

Encourage readers to leave comments and feedbacks. Try to engage them.  This will help you to understand their concerns and improve your blog’s reach.


  • UGC increases authenticity and conversion rates.
  • User-generated content (UGC) influences consumers.

Show related posts

To help your users, show them related posts. This will not only improve overall navigation, but also help search engines to crawl your blog efficiently.


  • Always shows related posts to help users.
  • Use real life case studies and surveys.
  • Write analytical articles to reflect your perspectives.
  • Guide users and save their time, efforts and money.

These blog writing techniques will help you a lot.

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