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Awesome Ways to Use PowToon for Business Promotion

by admin | in SEO

PowToon is one of the best tools for business promotion. It helps to make animated videos and presentations that can transform any business. Online specialists recommend using such versatile and dynamic platforms to improve customer bases, attract new users as well as improve brand visibility.

Here are a few suitable reasons to use PowToon for business promotion:

  • For better pitching – PowToon helps to create highly interactive videos and presentations. You can use high quality visual, audio and dynamic environments to convey your message efficiently.
  • Create ads (tell your story) – You can use PowToon to create short ads for your products or services. You can illustrate your product’s features and benefits in a convincing and stylish manner to encourage your customers to engage.
  • Integrate video to your home page – For better website usability and functionality, business owners integrate PowToon videos on their home page. This helps them to improve their user engagement as well as their overall conversion rates.
  • Explain your service – If you want to explain your service in an effective and professional way using high quality content and animation, you can use PowToon. In fact, you can easily target your audiences in a better way through your explanatory videos.
  • Product overview - You can use feature rich PowToon to launch your product or explain its integral benefits and characteristics. This is an interactive and dynamic method to create product videos.
  • Training guides - You can create training guides for your customers with the videos. You can create descriptive videos using PowToon to grab the attention of your visitors.

You can take advantage of this cost effective medium to spread your business messages and engage visitors. Statistics also show that videos and presentations can dramatically lower the bounce rates and accelerate conversion rates.

Quick facts:

  • YouTube reports that mobile video consumption rises 100% every year.
  • According to Unbounced, a video on a landing page increases conversion by 80%.
  • 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision making process.
  • 75% of executives watch work related videos on business websites at least once a week.

Tips to smartly use PowToon:

  • Design beautiful slides.
  • Choose an interesting topic.
  • Use short sentences.
  • Create a short story.
  • Exhibit your value proposition.
  • Follow the trends.
  • Use humour.
  • Create a short video or presentation.
  • Share your videos and presentations on social networking sites.


Create imaginative presentations and videos for your customers and business partners so that they can easily learn more about your products or services. So, invest your time, money and energy and create innovative videos and presentations to reap extensive benefits and rewards.

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