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Advanced SEO Techniques Enhance Website Traffic & Market Share

Advanced SEO Techniques Enhance Website Traffic & Market Share

by admin | in SEO

If your website is struggling to attract visitors in a competitive market, you should use advanced SEO techniques. Advanced SEO techniques can improve a website’s traffic generate leads and increase sales.

According to a survey, visitors spend around eight seconds on a web page and 98% never returns.

Here are a few SEO techniques to use.

SEO Audit

SEO Audit is an integral part of SEO. It makes sure that your site doesn’t miss anything essential. Hence, you should focus on SEO Audit before anything else.

Tips -

  • Simplify website’s architecture.
  • Implement Accelerated Mobile Pages.
  • Switch to HTTPS. (
  • Fix 404 errors.
  • Fix duplicate page title issue.
  • Improve web page speed.
  • Carefully use 301 and 302 redirects.(
  • Add mobile URLs to sitemap.
  • Analyse site’s retention rate.
  • Resolve pagination issue.

Create content according to users

Most website owners create content for the sake of providing information, in today’s world, it is important to create content according to the needs and wants of users.

Tips -

  • Browse social media sites to know about audiences and their needs.
  • Study Google analytics, Quora and BuzzSumo.
  • Use videos, infograogics and visual elements.
  • Optimise your content for RankBrain. (

Focus on landing page optimisation

Whether you want to attract traffic or lift bottom lines, you should always use landing page optimisation techniques. These techniques will help you to convert, engage users and improve ROI. (Recent research found that businesses with 10-15 landing pages have 55% more conversions than those with less than 10 landing pages. –

Tips -

  • Provide valuable content to users.
  • Write high quality headlines and call-to-actions.
  • Create right categories to help people.
  • Unclutter landing pages.
  • Include  beautiful pictures along with descriptions.
  • Regularly perform A/B testing – always make a list of all the variables to test. (
  • Optimise check out process.

Leverage social media

As a business owner, you should use social media to promote products, brands and connect with customers. It is an ideal way to connect with customers and improve their overall experience. (According to an Epsilon report, 28% of consumers said a brand’s social presence was the biggest reason to try new products or services.)

Tips -

  • Join relevant online communities on social sites.
  • Share images and videos.
  • Identify social media trends. (
  • Use paid social media campaigns.
  • Use both Facebook and Instagram. (
  • Never directly promote your products or brand. (
  • Focus on content syndication.
  • Focus on social media analytics tools. (

So, make sure that you use the above mentioned techniques to improve traffic and increase your market share.

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