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6 Vital SEO Techniques for Online Businesses

by admin | in SEO

Most of the business owners use SEO; however, standard practices can take a website to the next level of excellence.

Here are a few productive SEO techniques for online websites:

Reviews and ratings

Marketing has changed a lot and is likely to change further. Today, companies use a wide variety of techniques to impress users. Reviews and rating techniques are widely used ones.


  • Always provide quick, relevant and the best customer service possible.
  •  Respect each customer.
  • Encourage your customers to recommend your products.
  • Embed product/services videos into your website.

Improve communication through better content

Communication is the key to success. In order to improve and strengthen your communication, you need to focus on content. (88% of marketers are using content marketing today). So, write fresh and original content


  • Explore the best topics and keywords.
  • Write high quality and relevant blog posts.
  • Publish your content on top publishing websites.
  • Write motivational stories.
  • Optimise your content.

Alt tag

According to a research, most websites do not use “alt tag” as a result, they struggle to get rankings. Hence, you should use it to help your image rank higher. But keyword stuffing will not produce any results.


Use Hreflang code

Many website owners do not even recognise the importance of hreflang. It is a code that helps you to specify  different URLs on your site that have the similar content. In other words, these URLs will have the same content in  different languages.


Use robots.txt file

A robots.txt file is a text file, which is read by search engine spiders. As an optimiser, you should use it to tell the search engine, which URLs on a website it’s allowed to index.


Focus on certain essential SEO elements

There are a few things to bear in mind when it comes to SEO, such as -

  • rel=“canonical” – Use it to prevent duplicate content issues on your website.
  • Understand protocols like – HTTP, HTTP2 and HTTPS.
  • XML sitemaps – Never forget to create XML sitemaps.
  • Focus on responsive designs.
  • Use AI-powered tools for better SEO efficiency.
  • Use SEO tools to improve your online marketing efforts.
  • Use SEO-friendly CMS.
  • Try to improve the trust and quality of a website.
  • Focus on mobile friendliness. (
  • Don’t block JavaScript, HTML and CSS code.
  • Use Copyscape, Siteliner, Moz, SEMRush, etc.
  • Regularly perform content audit (

So, if you think SEO is ineffective, think again… because it still remains a powerful force in this digital age.

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