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13 Practical Link Building Tactics for Beginners

by admin | in SEO

Link building is an essential SEO activity. Of course, it is a difficult task; however, if done correctly, it can lead to success. It doesn’t matter what type of website (e-commerce or educational) you have, but with a better link building approach; you can easily gain an edge.

Here are a few link building strategies that need to be followed:

  1. Create an RSS feed – Create an RSS feed to publish updated information (blog entries, news and much more). It is a good way to get a link back.
  2.  Build relationships – Join local communities on social platforms, participate in group discussions, get involved in surveys, ask questions and give answers on community’s forums and show your interest.
  3. Ask for links from relevant websites – Ask your employees, colleagues, business partners and clients to give a link back. This will improve your site’s credibility.
  4. Video Submission – Submit your video content on top video submission directories to get better exposure as well as backlinks. (Use www.Vimeo.Com, Youtube, Ustream and Tumblr.)
  5. Press Release Submission – By submitting a press release to top PR distribution sites or syndication sites, you can easily build links for your site.
  6. Podcast Directories – Submit your podcast to popular podcast directories. This is the best way to achieve a backlink.
  7. Paid directories – By submitting your website to paid directories, you can achieve quality links. In this way, you can also increase the value of your site.
  8. Niche Specific Directories – For relevant link building, you need to submit your website to specific niche directories.
  9. Document Submission – Marketers often overlook such directories; however, they are highly beneficial when it comes to link building. Submit your PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and word documents to high PR document submission sites. (Tip – Use SlideShare, Scribd, and Issuu.)
  10. Logo Design Directories – Submit your website’s logo to top logo submission directories to get a link back. (Tip – Use,, and
  11. Infographic Submission – Submit your infographics to top infographic submission directories or blogs to get a link back. (Tip – Use SlideShare, CoolInfographics, and Reddit.)
  12.  E-Book Directories – Submit your e-books to relevant e-books submission sites to help your audiences and get a backlink.
  13.  Blog Directories – If you have a blog, submit it to various relevant blog directories to increase its overall value and reach.

Link building is a complex task, which requires plenty of time and efforts. So, plan your link building strategies according to your business objectives.

Quick tips:

  • Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites.
  • Analyse your competitors.
  • Write relevant content.
  • Use high quality visuals in your content.
  • Eliminate bad links.
  • Understand “Penguin updates” before building backlinks.
  • Write high quality e-books, white papers, manuals and guides for your users.

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