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Use Online Marketing for Successful Brand Building

Use Online Marketing for Successful Brand Building

by admin | in SEO

Whether you are a small business owner or hold a big firm, you should use Online marketing techniques to build your brand and improve ROI.

Here are a few online marketing techniques to use:

Content marketing

According to Sonja Jefferson, marketing with valuable content really works.

Tips -

  • Use data and analytics to improve the impact of content marketing
  • Create a mission statement and stick to it
  • Develop KPI
  • Measure your efforts against your goals
  • Focus on UX and customer experience
  • Always publish strategic content across the web
  • Create and support content culture (
  • Measure bounce rate, retention rate and total number of followers

Social media

Today, marketers find it quite challenging to build their brand through social media. There are numerous channels, which make it even more difficult for them to choose a channel and gain success.

Tips -

  • Get yourself familiar with the social media platforms
  • Understand your business and choose the most suitable platform
  • Devise a strategy and precisely target your audience
  • Create and measure buzz
  • Adhere to the communication protocols of the platform
  • Build a loyal community
  • Deliver useful content and listen to your users/community
  • Build trust because loyalty and trust go hand in hand
  • Identify different types of advertising options available
  • Engage more and more people

Start a PPC campaign

Most business owners believe that PPC is the most expensive technique to create brand awareness; however, in reality, they are wrong. It is a cost-effective and efficient method of advertising. It has its own advantages and can provide instant results. (PPC is 100% measurable – Ahrefs)

Tips -

  • Focus on creating high quality ads
  • Ensure that the headline matches the copy of the ad
  • Use split testing method
  • Refine and fine tune your landing pages
  • Add social sharing icons to your landing pages
  • Select more than one PPC channel (Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads)
  • Optimise conversion funnel
  • Use better call-to-action
  • Study –

Bonus tips -

  • Use email marketing to engage contacts.
  • Streamline your web design because customers are quite judgemental when it comes to web design – Brandwatch.
  • Create a Google+ profile account to build backlinks.
  • Use a perfect landing page generator to capture leads.
  • Understand and use HTML sitemaps and XML sitemaps.

Use the above mentioned online marketing techniques to rule the roost.

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