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Follow the Principles of SEO for Resonating Success

Follow the Principles of SEO for Resonating Success

by admin | in SEO

Many organisations are taking advantage of SEO as well as internet marketing techniques to gain a significant competitive advantage. Let’s explore how they use SEO techniques to transform their online presence.

Here are a few SEO techniques that can transform a website:

Make use of structured data (Schema markup)

According to Kissmetrics, schema markup is a code that you put on your website to help search engines return more informative results for users. If you have a website and want search engines to rank and present it properly on the web, you must use structured data. All you need to do is to add its code to your HTML code.


Improve CTR of your website

If your website is struggling for traffic and conversion, focus on its overall conversion rate optimisation. There are many ways to improve CTR of a website, including:

Focus on technical SEO

Technical SEO looks daunting, but can result in huge advantages. It is all about making a website technically strong.

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Implement Google Tag Manager (What is Google Tag Manager? It is a free tool that makes it easy for marketers to add and update website tags — including conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more. Source – Youtube).

Start paid search along with SEO

Mix SEO with paid search to improve your online marketing efforts.


  • Add a conversion code to your site before starting PPC.
  • Identify your target market.
  • Understand different competitive analysis techniques.
  • Invest your time in finding the most relevant keywords.
  • Optimise your site’s landing pages accordingly.
  • Always focus on the usability and effectiveness of your website.

So, transform your website, elevate brand perception and improve  performance with the help of above given SEO techniques.

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