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Elements to Make Your Mobile SEO Successful

by admin | in SEO

Mobile-friendly websites are the need of the hour. It is important for online businesses to make their websites mobile-friendly in order to improve their customers. Today, more and more people are using their smart phones to access websites, which is a great opportunity for online websites. They must think in this direction and join the race. In fact, in 2015, Google has unleashed the “mobilegeddon” update which is intended to punish websites that are not mobile-friendly. This means mobile-friendliness is a compulsory factor for websites.

If you are an online business owner and want to make your website mobile friendly, consider these 5 areas:

  1. Mobile site types

There are basically 3 types of mobile sites: responsive, dynamic serving and parallel mobile site. Selecting the right one is the most important decision.

  • Responsive site – This techniqueallows you to show the exact website, with the same website code, but the website morphs, depending on the size of the screen.

  • Parallel mobile site -This is a separate version of your site that is created specifically for mobile users.

  • Dynamic serving site – In this, the web server identifies and serves a custom page that match the visitor’s device in the same URL.

  1. Mobile content

Optimising the content for a better mobile experience is much more important for website owners. They must include strong headings, images, videos and call-to-actions in their content for better visibility.

  1. Mobile speed

Loading speed is a vital factor for any website; therefore, you must optimise your mobile site’s loading speed by compressing heavy files and scripts.

  1. Mobile SERP display

Optimising your SERP listings using relevant rich snippets can help you to gain a competitive edge. It will also help you to capture user’s attention in the quickest possible way. You should also write a meta title and meta descriptions for your web pages.

  1. Mobile local search

If your business has a physical address, just verify your Google My Business listing in order to make sure your name, address and phone number (NAP) are correct. This helps to improve your website’s local visibility and traffic too.


All of these foresights will help you to make your website mobile-friendly to gain more success in your niche.

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