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Category Archives: Google

Fake Rubber Stamp

Recently there has been more news coverage about companies who have been found to have ‘fake’ followers on their social media accounts. It seems that despite the dangers of being discovered and tarnished as cheats, brands still believe that high numbers of followers, even if they are fake, are better than just a few real connections.

Don’t believe it! Paying for fake followers can seriously harm the health of your brand. And more importantly, the Google bots will spot it. Fake likes on Facebook, Twitter and other ways to fake it, do not generate natural traffic. And since the arrival of Google Penguin, it is natural traffic that the bots are attracted to.

Fakes will not help build a trusted relationship with your customers either. Although the site of many thousands of followers on a page may attract more followers initially, once they realise there is no real activity going on, and that all these ‘people’ come from the same geographic location, they will be much less impressed. In fact, a recent survey indicated that most customers severed ties completely with brands they found to be cheating or behaving in a dishonest way online. Continue reading


As you may know, US users were invited to sign up for a Google Wallet debit card at the end of last month. Social media announced that the first of the cards have started to arrive with their new owners. Did you sign up for one? For US users, the wait is over and they can try out their new cards.

So we wanted to recap the features of the card, and ask a simple question: Is Google Wallet any different to any other debit card?

When you receive your card, you simply sign the back and activate it as instructed. The process is simple, straightforward and it is really, just like any other debit card. However, Google Wallet’s arrival presents potential new opportunities for online businesses. Continue reading

google conversation

Have a chat with Google!

by admin | in Google , SEO

Have you been getting to know Google? Their conversation search for Android is a wonder, if you like that sort of thing. And it would seem that most of us do! The ability to search using natural language and conversation is big news, and the most recent Google Conversation Search update was added for Android recently.

We thought this would be a good time to mention the main features of this conversational Google search facility. With Christmas around the corner, many people will be treating loved ones to a new Android phone, and part of the experience will be getting to know Google.

Google announced the update, mentioning the addition of new features, updating of cards and traffic incidents to name a couple. But the really exciting update is that it now has the ability to hold a real conversation with us. Think Siri, except in our opinion, its better! Continue reading


Have you heard the rumours about Google Zebra? We have.

Since the recent arrivals of the Panda and the Penguin, the SEO and internet marketing community have been debating the reality, existence and potential of ‘The Zebra’. There is no doubt that the online community is waiting in anticipation for the next update from Google. The question however, is whether it is Zebra, or some other equally attractive and intriguing creature.

If you have your finger on the pulse of the Google rumour-mill, you will have heard whispers of Magpies, Orcas and a veritable Arc of creatures. We even spotted a satirical mention of the mythical Unicorn!

So, if Zebra is real, what are the rumours suggesting it will focus on? The honest answer is that no one knows. However, there are a few articles online already suggesting that Zebra will be cleaning up social media, in a big way. Continue reading

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